March 27, 2023

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US Tornados Devage | Then the desperate search for survivors continues | The world

Emergency services are searching for survivors at a candle factory in the city center this Sunday (12). To us, Which became the symbol At least 94 people were killed in the devastation caused by the hurricane.

Five states were affected by the series of hurricanes, Left the path of destruction for hundreds of miles, but the catastrophe was worst in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Mayfield Consumer Products is nothing more than twisted beams and sheet metal stacked several meters high, from a candle factory.

With cranes, excavators and other machinery, rescuers are slowly advancing Sunday, waiting for a miracle.

On Friday (10) night 110 workers were working in the factory when the hurricane destroyed everything to meet the demand for the Christmas season. Dozens of these workers are still missing.

“Now this is a very sad and serious operation,” said Kentucky Assistant Coordinator Michael Dossett, who confirmed that none of the survivors had been rescued during the night. “This is a war zone vision”, Added to CNN network.

“There is still hope. But for now, what we are looking for is a welcome haven for our survivors,” Mayfield Mayor Kathy O’Neill told NBC.

The candle factory, family business, created emergency funds to help families.

Drone photo shows a fire truck with destroyed buildings in Mayfield, Kentucky’s worst-hit city. – Photo: Address Latif / Reuters

Part of the local heritage was erased from the map. In Mayfield, The old churches were completely destroyed and the historic court building was severely damaged..

Alex Goodman, who lives in a city of about 100,000 people, told AFP after much pain and anxiety in the dark: “It’s like a bomb exploded in our neighborhood.

The drone image shows Mayfield City Hall being destroyed after a hurricane in Kentucky. – Photo: Cheney Orr / Reuters

Amazon Deposit Tragedy

Rescuers search the wreckage of part of an Amazon warehouse building in Edwardsville, Illinois. – Photo: Michael P. Thomas / Getty Images / AFP

Another particular victim was the Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois, where at least six people died.

Rescue teams are continuing the search today (Sunday 12).

“We are devastated by the loss of our colleagues. Our thoughts and prayers go to their families and loved ones,” the Amazon founder said. Jeff Bezos, Not Twitter.

The aerial image shows part of the Amazon warehouse structure in Edwardsville, Illinois collapsing. At least six people died at the scene. – Photo: Reuters

The balance could be even worse

About thirty storms hit the country between Friday and Saturday. This Sunday (12), the death toll rose: at least 80 people were killed in Kentucky alone, state Governor Andy Bessier announced. “Exceeds a hundred,” he estimated.

Four deaths have been reported in Tennessee and two in Arkansas, while at least two deaths have been reported in Missouri.

Federal disaster relief agencies have begun mobilizing in the area US President Joe Biden, Who promised that “the Central Government will do all it can to help.”

More than 80 people have been killed and more than a dozen have been devastated by a hurricane in the southeastern United States.

Other countries have sent their solidarity messages.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin This Sunday he offered his “most sincere condolences.” The Pope Francisco He dedicated his prayers to the people of Kentucky in St. Peter’s Square.

A hurricane is a violent weather event that particularly affects the vast plains of the United States.

The hurricane, which was recorded in Kentucky, traveled more than 200 miles, making it one of the longest recorded in the country, the governor said. The largest, about 350 kilometers long, was registered in Missouri in 1925 and killed 695 people.

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