March 29, 2023

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US, South Korea expect North Korea to use nuclear weapons

The United States and South Korea are “preparing an effective and coordinated response to a range of scenarios, including North Korea’s use of nuclear weapons,” a White House National Security Council spokesman said Tuesday. Reasonable (3).

However, the source clarified that these preparations would not include “joint nuclear weapons exercises” as South Korea does not possess nuclear weapons.

“The United States is fully committed to the alliance with South Korea and providing the country with a comprehensive deterrence capability,” he said.

The comments came after South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said the US “nuclear umbrella” and its “enhanced deterrence” are no longer enough to stabilize his country in the face of threats from North Korea.

In Seoul, Yoon’s office said in a statement that the two governments are “discussing information exchange, joint planning and implementation related to the operation of US nuclear assets. Nuclear weapons From North Korea”.

The statements from Washington and Seoul were aimed at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who last Sunday called for an “exponential increase in North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.”

For its part, North Korea’s Workers’ Party said the country would develop “a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system whose main purpose will be rapid nuclear counterattack,” according to the official KCNA news agency.

A senior US official admitted that “North Korea’s actions and statements are a matter of growing concern”.

He also said the US and South Korea are working together to “strengthen” their deterrence posture, which includes “simulations” of retaliating against a North Korean nuclear attack.

The Pentagon is very clear about its “nuclear stance.” The document, which sets the terms for the use of nuclear weapons, states that “any nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies and partners would be unacceptable and would mean the end of the regime.”

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“There is no possibility that the Kim regime will use nuclear weapons,” the document added.

Seoul and Washington say Pyongyang is preparing for a new nuclear test soon, the seventh in its history and the first since 2017.