March 30, 2023

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US priest arrested for having sadomasochistic trio at altar

A priest has been arrested in the US for having three-way sex with two women at the altar. This case happened in 2020 in the Catholic Church of São Pedro and São Paulo. This temple is located in Pearl River, Louisiana, USA.

Former local church pastor Travis Clark received a three-year prison sentence but will serve the sentence on supervised probation. The 39-year-old priest must also pay a $1,000 fine.

The case was discovered by a passer-by on the street who noticed the lights on inside the church. When the witness looked out the window, he saw a half-naked clerk having sex with two women at the altar, the New York Post reported.

Police were called to the scene and found a camera mounted on a tripod, recording the scene. The two women who participated in the scene and were paroled were prostitutes and the priest was paid to participate in the recording.

Priest arrested in US for having sadomasochistic sex with three men on altar Photo: Reproduction

According to investigators, sex toys and stage lighting items were also found at the scene. They also pointed out that everything that happened that night was consensual. However, at the time, the trio were in public view and were arrested on obscenity charges.

The two women involved in the recording, Mindy Dixon and Melissa Cheng, pleaded guilty in July to charges of enterprise destruction and were sentenced to two years in prison and released on parole. Prior to the recording, Dixon had posted on his social media that he would “defile God’s house”.

According to the Archbishop of New Orleans, the “desecrated” altar was burned following Clark’s “demonic” behavior, and a new altar was consecrated in November 2020. Clerk, who was appointed in 2013, was fired shortly after your incarceration. He still had to pay back 8 thousand dollars (just R$ 43 thousand) to the church.

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