February 8, 2023

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US has evidence that Russian troops were ordered to invade Ukraine, says US newspaper | The world

According to the Washington Post, CBS News and the New York Times, the United States has been told that Russian troops have been ordered to invade. Ukraine. Said Biden on Friday (18) “There is reason to believe that Russian forces will attack in the coming days.”.

The White House, the Pentagon and the State Department did not confirm or deny the allegations, the agency told France Press.

The Washington Post reports that European officials have expressed frustration that the United States has not shared information obtained through its intelligence. One of them told the newspaper that there was currently no information that Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to invade. Ukraine.

A Pentagon official said Friday that more than 40% of Russian troops were on the border Ukraine At the helm they were in a position to destabilize and attack the stability of the country Russia “Started”.

The official said that the movement of Russian troops towards the Ukrainian border has been observed since Wednesday.

That is what Washington has been warning for weeks Russia Provoke an incident on the Ukrainian border to justify an invasion Ukraine. US diplomat Anthony Blingen reaffirmed this Sunday (20) that “everything” means. Russia The occupation was “about” Ukraine.

The Russia Denies any invasion plan, but demands security guarantees such as the withdrawal of NATO from Eastern Europe, which has been rejected by the West.

Ukraine is located between NATO members and Russia and their allies – Photo: Editoria de Arte / G1

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