March 21, 2023

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Unprecedented human pig heart transplant surgery will change the history of medicine | Fantastic

Nine days ago, A pig’s heart writes the future of transplant surgery, Every step on David Bennett’s chest. About 37 years ago, a baboon’s heart was donated to a newborn girl with heart disease that could lead to immediate death. The rejection attack killed the child within two hours. But, now everything has changed. With the ability to genetically improve and modify genes, the transgenic pig was developed.

During surgery David Bonnet, Four genes were disabled and six human genes were inserted to deceive the immune system not to reject transplant surgery. According to Paulo Rego Fernandez, there are many reasons to justify choosing pork.

“He’s an easy animal to raise, he’s relatively cheap, for ethical reasons, he is accepted by the community, and he grows fast,” he says.

Animal transplant surgery was initially performed on animals, but there was no need for an alternative to transplant surgery with a living patient. David Bennett arrived there. Since November 2021, he has been connected to the machine for blood circulation, and when asked about his plan to get a small heart he responded with good humor.

“Am I going to do ‘Ong Ong’?” David asked the doctor.

It took eight and a half hours for surgery, and as soon as it was inserted into David’s body, a new heart began to beat. After 48 hours of severe rejection, the engine was shut down without any problems. Only then did the world learn about the historically significant surgery.

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