June 30, 2022

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Uncle kills 2-year-old daughter-in-law during family quarrel in US

Octavia was in her father’s lap when Jean Huber-Young was shot (credit: reproduction)

Small Octavia Jean Huber-Young2, was shot dead by his uncle on Saturday (21) in Maine, USA.

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According to local police, 19-year-old Andrew Hooper-Young shot and killed relatives after a family quarrel.

In addition to the Octavia, two more men were shot, but their lives were not in danger. The shooter was arrested Sunday (22). The child was taken to hospital, but his injuries did not survive. An autopsy is scheduled for the next few days.

According to international reports, Octavia’s aunt Craig Higgins said the other two injured were the girl’s father and grandfather.

Higgins also said Andrew was evicted from the house. He left, but then came back and started firing, beating the girl’s father twice as he grabbed his daughter.

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