December 8, 2022

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Ukrainian minister says Russian invasion will end in “bloody massacre”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Olekshi Resnikov said CNN There will be “really bloody massacre” If Russia decides to invade Ukraine, And warned that “the Russians will return to the coffin.”

The report went live on Tuesday (7) Meeting between Biden and Putin, Should be in Movement of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border Great thing.

Resnikov urged US President Joe Biden to stand firm against Moscow.

“If I advise President Biden, I want him to talk Putin There should be no Kremlin military line here, “he said.” The civilized world will respond without hesitation, “Resnikov said. CNN In an exclusive interview on Monday (6)

“The idea of ​​not provoking Russia does not work,” he added.

U.S. and Western officials have expressed concern about the increase in Russian forces on the Ukrainian border, and last week Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the United States should be “prepared for all contingencies.”

Russia has the capability to make rapid and immediate invasions of the Ukrainian border.

Two sources familiar with US intelligence estimates told CNN that if Moscow decides to invade, Vladimir Putin’s country still has the potential to build supply routes and establish medical units.

Resnikov says CNN Ukraine estimates that Russia currently has 95,000 troops within striking distance of Ukraine.

Due to the strength of the Ukrainian units, according to the current US estimates, Russia can mobilize 175,000 troops to occupy Ukraine Were underestimated.

“So we have 250,000 officers… our military members. Also, I said 400,000 soldiers and 200,000 reservists, “said the Ukrainian Defense Minister, adding that 175,000 was” not enough “to put Russia at risk for a successful invasion.

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Resnikov stressed that a Russian invasion – if it did – would have “catastrophic” consequences for the entire European continent, with an estimated 4 to 5 million Ukrainians seeking refuge in Europe.

Resnikov stressed that Ukraine was a major food supplier to Europe and Africa and that its supply would be cut off.

The minister said the Ukrainian military had sent a request to its allies for assistance with further military equipment, including material assistance and training for its air force and navy.

“We do not need troops because I do not think it is fair for American soldiers to die in Ukraine. No, we do not need that,” Resnikov said.

Ukraine has been warning for weeks that Russia is trying to destabilize the country ahead of any planned military invasion, with NATO pointing out that Russian moves near the border are unusual. Western powers have repeatedly urged Russia against further aggression against Ukraine.

The Kremlin denies planning an attack and argues that NATO support for Ukraine – including increased arms supplies and military training – poses a growing threat to western Russia.

Regarding the intentions of the Kremlin, Resnikov said CNN He believes Russia’s main objective is to spread fear and unrest in Ukraine and prevent the country from approaching NATO and EU membership.

The Kremlin demands legal assurances that NATO will not expand to include Ukraine in the east and that NATO military infrastructure such as missile systems will not be built in the country.

“If we share or spread panic in our country and in our community, it will be a gift to the Kremlin because they are trying to do that, an instability process within our country is preventing it from going our way,” he said.

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Resnikov added, “We are going to form an alliance with NATO. We are going to the European Union.”

(Translated text. Read the original Here.)