May 27, 2022

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Ukraine – US Congress approves $ 14 billion international budget

The United States Congress, on Thursday night, approved a new federal budget for 2022 with the assistance of nearly $ 14 billion to Ukraine, which includes economic and humanitarian elements, but also weapons and ammunition.

The text was voted on by senators from both parties.

The House of Representatives approved the aid the day before, and now the text goes to President Joe Biden for signature.

“As Ukraine fights for its life against the evil (Russian president) Vladimir Putin, we keep our promise to support it,” Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

“With nearly $ 14 billion in emergency aid, Congress will pass on twice as much as the government originally requested,” the political leader said.

As government funding was due to expire at midnight on Friday, lawmakers faced the latest in a series of fights over an administrative shutdown. That means thousands of workers will be sent home without pay.

Due to deadline pressure, the senators followed their colleagues in the House of Representatives, giving the green light to the $ 1.5 trillion package on Wednesday.

Government funding continues to be a contentious issue in the United States as rival Democrats and Republicans avoid avoiding compromising their different spending priorities for the next fiscal year.

Three times during Joe Biden’s tenure, lawmakers have delayed implementing a fiscal year plan in favor of extending Donald Trump’s term policies.

This time, however, Russia’s war against Western – backed neighbors gave new impetus to the process, with the final result getting 68-31 votes in favor of the budget.

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A significant number of Senate Republicans sought to slow down the process, arguing that aid to Ukraine should be separated from the wider financial package.

Others argued that more time was needed to evaluate the broader 2,700-page funding agreement that would cover all parts of the federal government.

The plan allocates more than $ 780 billion in defense funding – an increase of 5.6% over last year – and a $ 730 billion increase in non-defense funding by 6.7%.