March 21, 2023

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Ukraine demands more weapons from Western countries against Russia | The world

Minister of Foreign Affairs UkraineDmitro Guleba said on Tuesday (22) that Western nations should intensify their shipments to his country. Russia.

After that, Russian President Vladimir Putin He was authorized by his country’s parliament to use troops in eastern Ukraine, Recognized the two republics that split on Monday. Putin said he did not know exactly when he would use these forces and did not say it would be “immediate” (see below).

“This morning I sent a letter to the British Foreign Secretary requesting additional defensive weapons Ukraine. With the same question, I will address my speechwriters To us“, He said.

“Our best guarantees are our diplomacy and weapons. We will mobilize the whole world to get everything we need to strengthen our security,” he stressed.

Guleba is expected to speak with US Secretary of State (equivalent to the post of Secretary of State) Anthony Blingen later this Tuesday.

02/20 – Protesters march on the streets of Odessa, Ukraine, on Sunday (20). Eight years ago, thousands of people marched through the city streets in a demonstration marking the date on which more than a hundred people were killed during the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. Activists waved national flags and protested against a possible Russian invasion. Defend their city if necessary – Photo: Emilio Morenatti / AB

President Putin has asked the Russian parliament for permission to use it Russia Abroad after formal recognition of the two divisions in the East Ukraine.

Oh In a short time the application was unanimously approved.. A deputy in the session said the move would take effect immediately.

Earlier, of Parliament Russia Approved the agreement signed by Putin to protect Eastern separatists UkraineAfter the recognition of their republics.

We will provide military assistance to the republics if needed: Putin

Putin: It will not be ‘immediate’

The Russian president said he could not predict what military operations would take place in Donbass. According to him, the final movements depend on the circumstances of the place.

“I did not say that our troops would go there immediately.

He also said that the best solution is to end the crisis Ukraine Will Kiev abandon its desire to join NATO: “The best solution to this problem is for the authorities currently in power in Kiev to abandon their involvement in NATO and remain neutral.”

He further added that the Minsk Accord, which brought peace between the two countries, was not in place at present and had nothing to do with it, adding that the failure of the agreement was due to the federal government. Ukraine.

Western nations have already sent arms

Western European countries and the United States have already sent arms Ukraine Earlier this month. Countries like To us And the United Kingdom provided military assistance Ukraine, Which includes anti-tank missiles and missiles that help to defend itself. Others, like Germany, sent helmets and evacuated aid with dangerous weapons.

The Russia Criticized these donations.

2/19 – Georgian Legion Trainees with Russian Legion of Paramilitary Forces to Fight Russian Forces Against Russian Forces in Ukraine on Saturday (19) 2014 – Photo: Ephraim Lukotsky / AB

On February 9, a senior Russian government official accused the West of increasing political pressure by supplying weapons and ammunition in support of Moscow. Ukraine.

Deputy Foreign Minister RussiaSergei Ryabkov, said military supplies Ukraine Representation of the Western “blackmail and pressure”.

“Everything happens as far as fuel is concerned Ukraine With military equipment, including weapons, ammunition and weapons, it is an attempt to exert additional political pressure on us, as well as military technical pressure, “Ryabkov was quoted as saying by RIA.

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