May 21, 2022

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Ukraine agrees to drop NATO membership in order to reach a peace agreement

Posted on 03/09/2022 05:52 / Updated on 03/09/2022 05:53

(Credit: AFP)

For the first time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, a potential member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), has casually agreed to negotiate a compromise on the status of the Russian-controlled territory of Donbass in eastern Ukraine. . “Some time ago, when we realized that the military alliance was not ready to accept Ukraine as far as NATO was concerned, I neutralized my position on this issue,” he declared before firing on NATO. “The alliance fears any controversy and conflict with Russia.”

Zelensky said that “temporarily occupied territories and pseudo-republics that are not recognized by anyone other than Russia” can be discussed. We can no longer compromise on how these areas are going to survive, “he added. Reports to the American television network ABC yesterday morning were the first sign of a diplomatic exit from the war. Recognition; and independence of Crimea, incorporated by Moscow in 2014.

A few hours later, Zhelensky delivered a historic speech to the British Parliament via video conference in which he adopted a confrontational tone. He invited former Prime Minister Winster Churchill (1940-1945) and received a warm welcome. We will not surrender and we will not lose. We will fight to the end in the sea and in the sky. We will continue to fight for our land in the forests, fields or coasts at any cost. In the streets. ”In June 1940, Churchill made a similar promise in a speech to Parliament in Westminster, just as Nazi Germany had conquered parts of Europe.

Zhelensky recalled that Ukraine was immersed in an unprovoked and unpleasant war. “From day one, we did not sleep, we all fought for our country, with our army,” he said. The Ukrainian also quoted English writer William Shakespeare in his speech. “Now our question is whether it should be or not.” Now I can give you a definite answer: it should be, yes. ” Called to the area. “Make sure our skies are safe.”

In an interview with Courier, Oleksi Haran, a professor of comparative politics at the National University of Kiev-Mohila (Ukraine), interpreted Zhelensky’s statements to the ABC TV network in a different light. “We will not recognize Crimea as part of Russia and the independence of the pseudo-republics of the East. What he said is that we can discuss which parts of the occupied Donbass region can be recaptured by Ukraine. As far as NATO is concerned, Zhelensky wants to find other avenues for international security guarantees,” he said. Explained over the phone.

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Haran recalled that before the war, the president was criticized by rival political forces. “With the invasion, the government and the opposition united. A poll released on March 1 shows that 93% of the population supports Zhelensky. He has become a symbol of opposition.”

Escape from hell

Speaking in parliament, Zelensky said thousands of Ukrainians took advantage of the first opening day of the humanitarian corridor to leave the country. At the time of writing, more than 2 million civilians have crossed the border into neighboring countries, especially Poland. They left their homes, their dreams and their lives. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense has accused Russia of violating the ceasefire agreement with the strategic port city of Mariupol, which was practically destroyed by the bombings. The report said that the enemy was attacking the humanitarian route. The Russians promised a new humanitarian war this morning.

Mykola Nazarov, director of the research center for regional security at Sumi State University, told Courier that the city is almost isolated from the rest of the country. Sumi, located 60 km northeast of Russia on the Russian border, is one of five cities where humanitarian corridors have been opened for civilian escape. “We are blocked, we have no way to get the goods,” the professor said. On Monday night, 21 people, including two children, were killed in a Russian bombing. Of Sumi’s 270,000 residents, 3,500 left yesterday, including 1,700 foreign students. “Airplane sirens have changed daily, and there have been occasional street fights,” Nazarov said.

According to Nazareth, for the first time, the inhabitants of Sumi set out for Poltava (174 km south). “Refugee columns are on the road. It is very difficult to solve the problems of humanitarian corridors. The Russian side is not sure whether to comply with the agreement,” he commented. Citizens who insist on staying in Sumi have joined the military for regional security. “We are building a network of volunteers to solve important problems. We are coordinating the distribution of goods from nearby villages, some of which are distributed for free. It is possible to solicit funds to obtain food and medicine,” Nazarov said.

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In Kiev, filmmaker Leslik Yakimchuk, 29, and his girlfriend rallied to help the troops. “We are trying to collect supplies inside and outside Ukraine and take them to the soldiers. If necessary, I will take up arms to defend my country.”

  • A man pushes a cart with an elderly woman while evacuating civilians from the city of Irfin.  Northwest of Kiev: More than 2 million refugees

    A man pushes a cart with an elderly woman while evacuating civilians from the city of Irfin. Northwest of Kiev: More than 2 million refugees
    Photo: Sergei Subinsky / AFP

  • A Ukrainian woman hugs her daughter while crossing the Polish border in a bus

    A Ukrainian woman hugs her daughter while crossing the Polish border in a bus
    Photo: Louisa Gouliamaki / AFP

Voices of War

    (Credit: Personal Archive)

Credit: Personal Archive

Mykola Nazarov, director of the Center for Regional Security Research at Sumi State University (Northeast)

“Many Ukrainians are united in defending the country. Military trainees carry weapons, but it is important to remember that government security must be overall. It is important that the rear guard also works for success. Providing them with everything they need.The Ukrainians have repeatedly shown how they can work harmoniously and help their neighbors.Tears are hard to suppress.You see this mutual help, this volunteerism, the idea of ​​helping to save the neighbor.This is the most important part of our determination. ! “

Leslyk Yakymchuk, 29, filmmaker, lives in Kiev

“The situation here is very tense. We are ready for a new expansion of attacks on the capital. From time to time airstrikes sirens. The city. Fortunately, our politicians are protecting us. This time, it seems. The Russians have given up capturing Kiev. But who knows for sure now?” Whose guess is that. “

Dimitro Tishchenko, 28, is the founder of the magazine Cukr.cityIn the cum

“On Monday, Russian forces bombed 15 houses in my city, killing 21 people. We have been surrounded by troops for more than 10 days. We faced a humanitarian catastrophe. On Saturday, the Russians destroyed our electricity and heating plants.

  • Leslyk Yakymchuk, 29, filmmaker, lives in Kiev

    Leslyk Yakymchuk, 29, filmmaker, lives in Kiev

    Photo: Personal Archive

  • Dmytro Tishchenko, 28, is the founder of magazine in Sumy

    Dmytro Tishchenko, 28, is the founder of magazine in Sumy

    Photo: Personal Archive

Xi Jinping recommends “maximum control”

    (Credit: Benoit Tessier / AFP)

Credit: Benoit Desire / AFP

Amid strong criticism of its alleged alliance with Russia, China yesterday expressed deep concern over the impending war. During a video conference with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for “maximum control” over the conflict.

China, which has good relations with Moscow, has so far refused to use the word “invasion” and “regrets” the conflict in the country, while saying it “understands” Russia’s security concerns. But during the conversation, Xi said, “I am very saddened to see a new war on the European continent,” according to Chinese public television’s CCTV.

Without condemning the attack launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24, G added that “we want to call for maximum control to avoid a major humanitarian crisis.” “I appreciate the efforts of France and Germany to act as mediators in Ukraine,” the Chinese told Macron and Scholes.

Xi said Beijing is also ready to play an “active role”, according to the broadcaster. “We must jointly support the Russia-Ukraine peace talks,” G said, adding that talks in Belarus have not yet taken place.


Poland says it is ready to hand over MiG-29s to the United States “without delay”, according to the Polish Foreign Ministry, which facilitated the transfer of the aircraft to Ukraine. The United States called the plan “unstable.”