May 21, 2022

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Ukraine accuses Russia of deliberately bombing a theater where it was staying

Attack on a residential building at the end of a curfew order in the capital Ukraine One person was killed and three were injured.

Worked in Mariupol Theater Shelter. The provincial council said on Thursday (17) that those present had survived. But it is not known how many people were killed in the blast on Wednesday (16).

Pictures show both sides of the building collapsing. Up to 1,000 people have taken refuge inside, local officials said. Outside, they wrote in large Russian letters: “Children.” The New York Times newspaper confirmed that there was a warning via satellite, yes. The Ukrainian government has blamed Russia Shelter should be intentional.

A spokesman for the Russian embassy denied the allegations. Announced by Maria Zakharova “Everyone knows” Called the Armed Forces Russia Do not bomb cities Appearing images have been edited.

An American company released another version. Photographs taken before and after the bombing show damage to civilian infrastructure in Volnovoka, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Kerson. It bombed residential buildings, the train station, and churches.

More than 90% of Mariupol will be destroyed. Location Strategic: If the port city falls, the Russia Connecting the divided parts of the East with Crimea.

The Ukraine Attempts to repel armored vehicles bearing the letter “Z” used by Russian forces from Mariupol. One person jumped out of the tank to escape.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced that it had shot down several planes and sunk warships Russia In the Black Sea, in cities near Odessa.

The Ukraine He claims to have carried out a counter-attack aimed at inflicting maximum casualties on Gerson. Russia. Ukrainian forces say they have decided to block the siege of Kharkiv, the country’s second-largest city. But Russia Already controls a large part of the southern territory Ukraine.

The Ukraine He said the Russians had not made significant progress in recent days towards the capital. Signed under the UK Ministry of Defense. British intelligence says “minimal advance of Russian forces by land, sea or air in recent days”. The report says Russia “Continues to face severe losses”.

In three weeks of fighting, the Pentagon estimates. 7,000 Russian soldiers died in the warMore than 20 American soldiers have been killed in the 20 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Ukraine Talks about more than 13 thousand deaths. The Russia 498 only took.

The British government saw the Ukrainian opposition as “strong and well-coordinated, and most areas, including the big cities, are in Ukrainian hands.”

The situation is similar in the capital. Metropolitan area Kiev Lived in a battle in the sky for 24 hours. The wreckage of the missile intercepted by the anti-aircraft system passed through a residential building at 5 p.m.. Three people were injured and the mother of one died.

A woman could not bear the noise of the bomb while studying. Refugee Yana Jeleva does not leave the cat, nor does she. With each explosion, I thought maybe it was the end of life. She and her mother left Kiev Again, a thousand kilometers later, they became two of the 3 million immigrants in neighboring countries.