June 30, 2022

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UK: Teacher convicted of using McDonald’s candy and snacks to abuse student

Hannah Harris, 23, worked as an assistant teacher at a school in Hodeston, Hertfordshire, England. In December 2019, he sexually abused a 14-year-old student. To do so, she enticed him by giving him his favorite dessert and a McDonald’s snack. Recently, Judge Carolyn Wiggins sentenced Hannah to six years in prison. This information comes from Extra Newspaper columnist Fernando Morera.

The case came to light in January 2020 when the student’s older brother discovered a relationship with the teacher.

Earlier, to avoid suspicion from the teenager’s parents, she introduced herself as the mother of the student’s fictional girlfriend Kayla.

According to local police, the teacher gave the young man his favorite treats and took him to the parking lot of the Wilco branch (British Home Goods Retail Store), where he sexually abused the student for the first time.

According to The Sun website, while handing down the sentence, the judge said Hannah’s behavior “caused havoc in the life of the youth.”

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