March 27, 2023

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UK seeks evidence of vaccinating events with nightclubs and large gatherings | Pop & Art

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson said on Monday (19) that all English nightclubs and other companies with large audiences must submit evidence of a complete vaccination by the end of September.

Parties gathered on Monday for the first uncontrolled live music event since the outbreak of the Govt-19 epidemic. The government has reopened nightclubs and withdrawn all measures against the corona virus in the UK, betting that the mass vaccine will stave off another dangerous wave of Govt-19.

But hours later, Johnson announced that individuals who have not been fully vaccinated, including those who have not received both drugs, will be barred from nightclubs.

The decision comes after major explosions related to nightclubs in other countries such as the Netherlands and Israel, where authorities have been forced to close them again.

“I now warn that by the end of September, everyone over the age of 18 will have the opportunity to get both doses. We plan to turn a condition of entry into nightclubs and other establishments into a full vaccine with a full crowd,” Johnson told a news conference.

“Evidence of a negative test is no longer sufficient.”

Kate Nichols, chief executive of the UK Hospitality Business Association, said the ad was a “severe blow” to a struggling industry. He said the decision carries the risk of creating conflict points between employees and customers.

Patrick Valens, the UK’s top science adviser, said nightclubs and other indoor spaces could “spread the word more” because of the close contact between the crowds.

“As the nightclubs open, I predict that the increase in cases will continue and we will also see explosions related to specific nightclubs,” he said.

Johnson said the government does not plan for similar demand for pubs. “I definitely don’t want to look at (vaccine) passports for pubs,” he said.

The UK removes all restrictions on Govt-19

The UK removes all restrictions on Govt-19