May 21, 2022

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U.S. Army returns birthday cake stolen from Italian woman in 1945 | The world

Army To us He gave a birthday cake to an Italian woman – 77 years ago to replace what American soldiers stole from her when she was cold in a window.

Meri Mion turns 90 this Friday (29/4) – 13 years old when she saw fighting between U.S. troops and German soldiers in the village of San Pietro near Vicenza in the Veneto region.

Mary Mion, 13, American soldiers fight with nearby Germans and steal cake from window in Italy – Photo: US Army via BBC

Mary’s mother made her a birthday cake, but it was snatched away by opportunistic and implicitly hungry Americans.

Myon said he would share the alternative cake with his relatives.

“I will eat this dessert with all my family thinking of this wonderful day that I will never forget,” he said.

Birthday Cake – Photo: US Army

On Thursday (28/4) at a ceremony in Vicenza, Giordini Salvi, the U.S. Army presented the cake with soldiers, local officials and residents.

Sergeant Peter Wallis, who served the cake, said it was “a little different” to replace the stolen items, “but it’s good for me.”

At the ceremony, Colonel Matthew Komlak, commander of the U.S. Army in Italy, spoke about the 1945 battle between US and German forces in Corso San Felice, Vicenza, and Fortunado.

At least 19 American soldiers were killed or wounded, and several American tanks were destroyed.

Local Italians donated bread and wine to US forces.

“This warm welcome from the people of Vicenza continues to this day,” said Colonel Gomlak.

Sergeant Wallis (right) and Colonel Gomlak (left) present cake to Mary Mion – Photo: US Army via BBC

The night before his birthday, those years ago, Mian hid with his mother in the attic of their farm, near where they were fighting.

The next morning her mom made the cake. But “his joy later turned to disappointment, and the cunning American soldiers fled [ele]”, Said Colonel Gomlak.

In a video on the U.S. Army website, Mian wipes his tears as he receives the cake as “Happy Birthday” is sung in Italian and English.

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