August 13, 2022

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Twitter has a new tweet sound

Twitter raises blue subscription price from $2.99 ​​to $4.99 per month

People often express amazement that Twitter is free, but for some people, it is not – Twitter Blue Launched last year in several countries, with some extra features for anyone willing to pay $2.99 ​​per month. Today the service told subscribers that it is raising the price (via Matt Navarra) and in the United States, It jumps to as much as $4.99 a month. This probably won’t break the pockets of information junkies who choose to pay for a service that still includes ads in their feed, but it might be enough to make people ask themselves if it’s worth it.

The add-ons in the Twitter Blue package range from very useful (Undo tweets window to fix misspellings, customizable navigation bar, list of top articles shared by people you follow, and Access articles without ads On sites including the edge) to the trivial (the ability to choose among the icons of different applications) to the questionable (NFT Hexagon Profile Pictures).

In an email to users, the Twitter Blue team insists that the higher rate “helps us continue to build some of the features you’ve been asking for, improve existing features you already love and maintain our mission of supporting journalism.”

Twitter Blue’s new subscription prices.
Photo: Twitter

Notably, he didn’t mention Elon Musk though The company just blamed him for lower revenue in the second quarter compared to the previous year. hold now trying to get out His deal to acquire Twitter for $44 billion, but in happier times, he is said to have done it Introducing the idea of ​​an indefinite subscription service outside of Blue Who thought it could attract over 100 million subscribers one day.

The higher price already applies to new subscribers, but for early adopters, Twitter says they’ll be locked into the original price until October and can expect to get a chance to cancel at least 30 days before the new price takes effect.

To keep paying customers, the Twitter Blue email is sparking a “smoother reading experience” in the business, among other features set to launch at Twitter Blue Labs. One of the reasons I might still be there until at least October, if not after, is also not listed in the email: Editable Tweets. Twitter appears to have picked up the pace of feature development under Parag Agrawal’s management, and with the feature already announced and tested, I can wait to see if it’s included as a Twitter Blue feature at launch.

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