May 25, 2022

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Tunic gets a surprise Xbox Game Pass on launch day

Tunic gets a surprise Xbox Game Pass on launch day

Jacketthe action-adventure game inspired by the Legend of Zelda starring a cute little fox in a big and dangerous world, is now available on Mac, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X — and if you’re a subscribed Xbox Game Pass user, you’ve got a nice surprise waiting for you: Jacket Available through Game Pass on Xbox consoles.

JacketAvailability of Day One was announced via Xbox Game Pass on Wednesday through Microsoft ID @ Xbox Live on Twitch When the game was launched published by Finji. If you don’t have an Xbox Game Pass, Jacket It’ll cost you $29.99 – it’s available from Xbox Game Storeand on PC platforms through Epic Games StoreAnd the GOG.comAnd the HumbleAnd the ItchAnd the steam.

at Polygon’s review for JacketWe called the colorful action-adventure game a challenging and puzzling ‘Exhilarating Journey’ with nostalgic game design – a journey that is enhanced through communication and collaboration with other players.

JacketIt has been a long time since he was released. It was first revealed as a game secret legend In 2015, Jacket Reappeared in 2017 under his final name. Shoulders and Venge Announcing the game’s release date Back in December.

Xbox Game Pass for consoles costs $9.99 per month. More information about subscription options is available at Xbox website.

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