June 29, 2022

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Trucks parked in Argentina due to rising diesel prices | The world

Drivers are asking that the same price as in Buenos Aires, where diesel is cheaper in the countryside, be charged in the countryside. Argentina The strike began on Tuesday in protest of lower diesel prices in Buenos Aires than in other parts of the country.

The Freight Carriers Association of Tucumán (ATCT) has announced that the strike will continue “indefinitely” due to a shortage of diesel in the country. Another objective of the movement is to push up fuel prices in the region, as in the capital.

The Argentine government last week hiked diesel prices by 12% to 126 paise per liter for conventional diesel and 145 paise per liter for premium diesel.

The fuel pump fills the car at a gas station in Sao Paulo. Petrol, petrol prices, gas station assistant, alcohol, diesel, fuels, refurbishment, increase. -HN- – Photo: Marcelo Brandt / G1

However, in the context of fuel shortages Argentina, Prices in practice indoors are more expensive. In the provinces far from Buenos Aires, the price of a liter of diesel is about 185 kas and 190 kas. If you want to carry more than 200 liters per truck due to the shortage of fuel in the country, the price will go up to 230 rupees.

Domestic truck drivers also complain about other costs associated with the transportation sector, such as tires and insurance.

“We demand a federal policy to make diesel available at the same price as in the country’s capital. We are not competitive or work because customers do not accept the new fees, ”ATCT President Eduardo Rhinoso told reporters.

Woman pushes her motorcycle during protests in Argentina – Photo: Rodrigo Abd / AP

Fuel shortages and high domestic prices are beginning to affect crops in the region. In an interview with the TN website, the President of the Northern Province Agricultural and Livestock Producers Association ArgentinaAugusto Patrick said the increase could affect the flow of local production.

“Finding out how much they charge to carry the product is a lottery. When the lemonade passes, we can not hesitate to pay because we can not export. The problem today is not how much diesel is available, but whether it is available.

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