August 17, 2022

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Truck with immigrants in Texas: driver arrests and deaths rise to 51 | The world

Families of immigrants from Mexico and Central America are eagerly awaiting the news of their loved ones on Tuesday.

Number of deaths It rose to 51 on Tuesday, with 39 men and 12 women, local officials said. At a press conference. The identification process takes days. One of those admitted to the hospital is a teenager in critical condition.

The truck driver and two others were arrested, Henry Kuller, a U.S. representative in Texas, told the Associated Press.

He said the truck passed a border checkpoint northeast of Laredo, Texas, and there were no known immigrants inside the truck.

Federal prosecutors have charged Mexican citizens Juan Francisco d’Lona-Bilbao and Juan Claudio d’Lona-Mendes with illegal possession of firearms in the United States, according to court documents filed Tuesday in a Texas court. They are said to be linked to a case related to the deaths in the trailer, but it is unclear whether they are among the prisoners quoted by the deputy.

The bodies were found on the outskirts of San Antonio on Monday afternoon when a city official heard a truck parked on a deserted road crying for help and saw a horrific scene where dozens of bodies had piled up, police chief William said.

A mother and daughter hug as they watch a scene of people lying dead inside a truck in San Antonio, Texas on Monday (27) – Photo: Kaylee Greenley Peel / Reuters

Sixteen people – their bodies hot to the touch – were taken to hospitals, including four children.

Authorities said 46 people died at the scene. Pexar District Judge Nelson Wolf said five more died after being taken to hospitals. Most of the dead were men, he said.

The death toll from the abduction was unprecedented United StatesAccording to Craig Larapi, the special agent in charge of homeland security investigations in San Antonio.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Niranberg said: “It’s more terrible than anything we’ve ever experienced.” Unfortunately, this is an inevitable tragedy. “

President Joe Biden called the deaths “horrific and heartbreaking.”

Biden mourned the deaths of immigrants in a Texas truck

“Exploiting vulnerable individuals for profit is a disgrace, like the political arrogance surrounding tragedy, and my government will do everything possible to prevent human traffickers and traffickers from taking advantage of the people who seek to enter. United States Between the entry ports, “Biden said in a statement.

It did not take long for the opposition to criticize the Democrats’ responsibility in this play, which was one of the worst dramas in the country’s history, accusing him of not using firm policy on the border.

After a day when the temperature was close to 40 degrees, he described, “the patients we saw were hot to the touch and suffered from heat stroke and heat exhaustion because there was no evidence of water in the vehicle.”

According to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador, 22 of the dead were from Mexico, seven from Guatemala and two from Honduras. “It’s a huge shame,” he said.

During a meeting with Pitton on July 12, Lopez Obrador described the issue of migration as “central and fundamental.” This is a “bitter proof” that people do not have to leave their own places and support policies that seek development.

According to the first elements of the investigation, “The tragedy was caused by kidnappers who “exploited” immigrants without respect for their lives.“, Biden said in a statement.

The U.S. president has called for an end to the “multi-million dollar criminal crackdown” and said there have been 2,400 arrests since the joint operation began three months ago. United States And other countries in the region.

Republicans do not believe. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who supports tough immigration, blamed the incident on Democrats’ “deadly open border policies.” “These deaths are on Biden’s account,” he tweeted.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said, “Human traffickers exploit open borders and use the most vulnerable pay with their lives.

Immigrant attendance was low during the epidemics but rose significantly after the election of Joe Biden. Many pass through the city of San Antonio, 240 km from the Mexican border.

About 60 rescuers were mobilized to deal with the remains and received psychological support, his employer said.

Trucks, like those found in San Antonio, are a widely used mode of transportation by immigrants. United States.

Travel is very dangerous, especially since these types of vehicles often do not have ventilation or air conditioning systems.

On June 14, border guards discovered 80 migrants hiding in the back of a truck during a routine operation near the town of Laredo.

A similar tragedy occurred in San Antonio in 2017, when 10 people suffocated to death in a shipwreck. United States. The truck’s air conditioning was damaged and the ventilation space was closed.

Although the truck is believed to have carried up to 200 people, dozens of people have been hospitalized due to heat stroke and dehydration – most of them fleeing when parked in the parking lot.

Truck driver Sentenced to life imprisonment.

Pope Francis on Tuesday expressed his “pain” over what happened in Texas last week as he attempted to enter the Spanish city of Melilla and the tragedy that befell immigrants, with dozens of people dying.

For its part, the UN. This “once again illustrates the important need for legal and safe avenues for migration,” said Ravina Shamdasani, spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) in Geneva, Switzerland.

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