December 4, 2022

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Tourist stumbles upon ‘gastronomic treasure’ worth R$25,000 on beach

A man walking on a beach in Wales spotted hundreds of white-shelled creatures clinging to a tree trunk. But he later discovered that it was a curious treasure connected to the world of gastronomy.

The mysterious creatures are, in fact, gooseneck barnacles, the most common crustacean in the region, which is consumed as a culinary delicacy and costs BRL 515 per kilogram, according to British website NorthWales Live.

Dave McGirr was on vacation when he was amazed to see barnacles sticking out of a 20-foot tree. He immediately started taking photos. In a quest GoogleI know barnacles Seafood Much loved.

“I found out that they are gooseneck barnacles, which are described as rare ‘alien’ sea creatures. They are considered a delicacy,” the tourist said in a post on social networks. According to him, his invention is worth approximately R$25,700.

The rare crustacean is prized in countries like Portugal and Spain, where it fetches R$ 1,900 per kilo.

Dave’s photos went viral on social media, but many believed the creatures were strange enough to come from another planet.

“The aliens have landed!” commented one follower. “When you get close you can see they look like little octopuses or squids,” said another follower.

Image: Background/Facebook

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