February 7, 2023

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Tom Cruise can’t afford a certain car; The reason is very unusual

Tom Cruise has already shown himself to be very dedicated on the sets he is involved in, by sidelining or stepping up stuntmen for action scenes. Cars Fast without fear. Although he is known worldwide and admired by the film industry, the star has angered Bugatti and has been banned from buying any models.

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The decision was made after an old “incident” occurred on the red carpet of the premiere of “Mission: Impossible 3.” According to reports from the group, the problem started when Tom Cruise invested more than 1 million (R$ 2.23 million) to buy one of the brand’s most sought-after cars at the time: Bugatti Veyron.

So, after buying his vehicle, the actor decided to arrive on the red carpet during the premiere of the film in his new acquisition. Unfortunately, his appearance did not go as expected.

Bugatti is also closing its doors to Tom Cruise

Upon arriving at the launch, Cruz effortlessly stepped out of the car; However, when trying to open the passenger door for his wife, Katie Holmes, the Hollywood star made several attempts to get her out of there. Due to this situation, many people present started joking about the situation and the name of the film.

The audience enjoyed the unexpected and it was a “An impossible targetOpen the door Bugatti is not happy with the comments made by the French brand. That’s why the company decided to close the doors to future sales of the star.

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In a statement, Bugatti said it felt disrespected “in front of the eyes of thousands of people, including the international press and millions of viewers”. Eventually, Cruz was barred from acquiring anything else Vehicle Brandin, regardless of the situation in 2006.