November 27, 2022

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Through perrengues, the Qatar Cup gives fans a Disney-like experience

The Saudis were still celebrating Beat Argentina at Lusail StadiumThe largest in the country, with a capacity of 80,000 people, a huge queue began to form at the subway station next to the future sports square.

Fans from various countries tried to leave quickly for the second World Cup match to be held on the same Tuesday (22).

Switzerland v Cameroon: Possible lineups, where to watch, schedule and referee
Switzerland v Cameroon: Possible lineups, where to watch, schedule and referee

With the competition venues close to each other, Qatar promises a smaller World Cup that offers fans this kind of experience. A ‘Pocket World Cup’. Especially if we consider the two previous matches, giants Brazil and Russia.

It’s a Disney-like experience where you go from one park to another – in this case, the arenas – to experience more than one attraction per day. And so far, this is what the Persian Gulf nation has offered, despite some hiccups.

A large number of fans enjoyed Saudi Arabia’s win over Argentina at Lusail at 1pm local time. France defeated AustraliaAt 10 p.m., Al Janob in Al Waqra city, 45 km away.

Long queues, delays and style: Berrengues for two games in one day

The journey from Lusail to Al Janob took about four hours, with queues on the subway, a trip to Al Waqra station and then a bus ride to the stadium where the France match took place. It’s exhausting, but it’s worth it.

Even because every “paradise” has its problems. While most of the stadiums were built in vast open spaces that were previously only desert, the Qatari organization created long walkways for fans to walk to avoid overcrowding.

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The metro station is in front of the Estadio de Lucile, but fans had to walk for about half an hour in the sun to reach it. The Qataris seem to guide even with megaphones and human police cordons.

Officials guide fans at World Cup
Cateriano guides the fans after the game.🇧🇷 Julio Filho/Umtois Sports

The lines were over two hours after the game until we boarded the subway car.

Martin, 54, from Argentina, was annoyed. “It’s a disaster. It takes many turns to get to the station. She’s there and we have miles to walk. The stadium is incredible, but clearly they’re not ready for so many people,” he commented.

Like him, Colombian couple Santiago and Natalia criticized the system.

“The entrance and exit are far away. It’s been two hours since the game ended [da Argentina] We are still in line at the subway and there is no food for sale”, said Santiago. “The subway collapsed and we want to go to the fan festival to see Poland and Mexico,” Natalia reinforced.

Congested subways after World Cup matches
The company takes care that there are no crowded cars in the subway.🇧🇷 Julio Filho/Umtois Sports

Already Brazilian Felipe, 34 years old, has become a temp. “That’s part of it, a lot of people leaving the same place. It also took a while in Russia, which I think is normal. “Even if something goes wrong sometimes, there is nothing to worry about,” he said.

In addition to the games in Brazil, he says he has tickets for everyone in Portugal. In the first phase of this World Cup, the matches of the two teams are always played in the order of the other teams.

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Fans going to France v Australia
After four hours, you will be from one stadium to another stadium.🇧🇷 Julio Filho/Umtois Sports

“We have to leave before the first game and catch the second game. “If you leave early and miss the end of a game, you’re going nowhere in line,” he concluded.