March 27, 2023

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Through Omigron, the UK registered more than 100,000 Govt-19 cases in a single day The world

The United Kingdom It surpassed this Wednesday for the first time since the start International spread, To mark 100,000 cases From Govit-19 In the last 24 hours. Set a new record in the midst of the wave that caused it Omigron variant, Though the Prime Minister should put more pressure on the government to strengthen measures to combat the virus Boris Johnson They turned down the offer just before Christmas.

There have been 106,122 new Covid-19 cases reported across the UK in the last 24 hours, an increase of 35% compared to last Wednesday.

In London, which has been hit hard by the spread of Omigran, more than 301 people have been admitted to hospital on the 20th, the highest number recorded since February 7., When England was locked up.

The pressure is on Johnson’s scientific advisers, and the sooner the government acts, the less serious the Omigron cases will be. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Conservative Party members.

The latest measures announced by the government were only approved by the Labor Party’s vote against Johnson in the British Parliament.

Earlier, the UK announced new deals with Pfizer and MSD to purchase home-made Covid-19 drugs as a way to reduce hospital admissions caused by Omigran.

Although the number of hospital admissions in the UK is increasing, a study in Scotland suggested that people infected with Omigran were significantly less likely to be hospitalized than those infected with the previous virus.

However, scientists have warned of the high prevalence of omigrans and the potential for some escape from the protection provided by vaccines or previous infections. What this means is that this variant has the potential to cause even greater hospital admissions and deaths because it can affect a greater number of people.

London Waterloo Station – Photo: Matt Dunham / AB Photo