June 30, 2022

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This strawberry optical illusion haunts the internet; What color do you see?

This movie Optical illusion Mads everyone on social media crazy with strawberries. Did you know the popular debate about gold or blue dress? This image of strawberries works just as well, believing in the absence of color.

Now see if your brain is fooling you, look at the picture very carefully and tell us what color you found.

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What color do you see?

This picture was taken by Akiyoshi Kidavoka of Ritzmeiken University in Japan. Psychologist shared a tweet of the picture of the strawberry pie, which confused many users. Through this, color illusions are also possible and we were able to make it clear to everyone that our brain can deceive us a lot in these situations. See photo below:

What is the matter? Have you seen blue or red strawberries? Or did you see a shade of red with blue light throughout the picture? Most users reported seeing red, but the Japanese scientist removed pixels of this color from the photo and changed them to cyan and gray.

Why do some people look at red strawberries?

According to a study published by CellPress, our brain captures a color whenever we look at it for a long time. So, as we get used to seeing red strawberries, even though the pixels are removed, our brain assigns these colors to the photo.

Other everyday items are also associated with a particular color, such as bananas, which are usually yellow. Behavioral studies show that the concept of these items, called color detectors, is affected by our perception of their usual color, known as memory color.

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This phenomenon is also called “cortical staining” because it occurs through the visual cortex, which is found in the occipital lobe of our brain.