April 1, 2023

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There are huge differences in the percentage of people vaccinated against Govt between the regions in Brazil | National Magazine

After a full year of vaccination, the Brazil lives with great differences in the percentage of immunocompromised patients from one region to another.

With each new dose, the number of vaccines in Brazil improves. As of Tuesday (18), according to data collected by the Federation of Press Vehicles, More than 147 million Brazilians took two doses or one dose. This is almost 70% of the total population.

But when you look at the state-wise vaccination, a groove appears. In some regions more people are vaccinated than in others.

Tuesday, Or condition Sa Palo More than 78% of the population is the first to be vaccinated in two doses or in a single dose.

Came later பியாவ், Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul – all over 70%.

Below the list, Tocantins and Maranhao More than half of the population was in two doses or one dose. Did not reach half an acre. And were last Amba And Roerima, less than 40%.

Analyst of Govt Observatory Fiocross Raphael Guimarães says there is a younger population in the states where fewer vaccines have been given so far, and that it has since begun to be vaccinated, and still more people are having difficulty getting vaccinated.

“The National Immunization Program should not only arrange for distribution, but also for vaccine use storage and availability. Getting to the farthest places in the country has always been a difficult thing for PNI. Archaeologist Rafael Guimaraes explains.

“All public policy aims to reduce inequality, so when we do not have the data to plan properly, all we do is continue or widen these differences between states and cities,” said Rafael Guimares.

One of the biggest risks of inequality in the use of doses is that where fewer people are vaccinated, severe infections and deaths from Govt disease can occur. In these regions, there is also concern that new strains of the virus may be exposed. This, in the end, has consequences for everyone.

Epidemiologist Pedro Halal, from Federal University of Belarus, Says that although most people are not protected by the vaccine – and equally in all states – they are always at risk.

“Initial estimates are 70%, 75%. Unfortunately, with the emergence of these new variants, 90% of the population needs to be vaccinated to control the virus. This is our challenge, ”said epidemiologist Pedro Halal.

But he recalled that Brazil could change the game because he has experience in major vaccination programs against various diseases.

“Our vaccination record is so successful that Brazil can reach 90% of its population. It depends on us,” Halal said.

The Ministry of Health He said he was closely monitoring the progress of the vaccine in the states; Distributed over 400 million volumes – proportionately and equally; It suggested that states and municipalities should actively search for areas of the population that have not completed the vaccination cycle.