February 7, 2023

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Their way! 4 Unmistakable Signs That Your Cat Loves You Too Much

you Cats They have a reputation for being enigmatic animals and possessing strong personalities. However, anyone who has one or more kittens at home knows that they are friendly creatures and companions.

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And yet, the signals that cats give off affection Dogs can be completely different from showing. That’s why we’ve broken down some of the signs that show your house cat really likes you.

Signs Cats Like You

See if your cats really enjoy your presence around them by these signs:

  1. Cats raise their tails and rub against their owners when they are happy;
  2. A light bite during play is also a good sign;
  3. With a gentle wink in your direction, you can celebrate;
  4. Finally, it is common for cats to sleep with people they like.

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Creating expenses may not be that difficult, but it is certainly not the easiest task you will undertake. Cats are animals that take some time to trust their guardians. After all, in essence, the Cats Wild animals have an intimate nature. However, you can definitely have a super kitty companion by your side.

To get an idea of ​​cat instincts, you should pet cats when they are young. Otherwise, they will not have full faith in any human being, regardless of the affection given. In other words, cats that receive harsh or neglectful treatment will have a harder time housebreaking.

How to make a cat trust you

The first thing to keep in mind is that Cats It is rare to be deceived by humans. They know how to recognize when they want to or not. Incidentally, despite being curious animals, they are very cautious. Unlike dogs, cats do not take orders easily, although they understand commands.

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The best thing to do when you have a new feline member at home is to give them space, time and affection. Don’t ask too much of your cat, he has time and needs to feel good. Let the animal feel the environment, smell it and find its favorite corners.

Feed him good food and some packets. It is very important for cats to drink water, as they usually get very little hydration during the day. But if there is no water, kidney problems will occur. The problem is that cats prefer to drink running water, such as pet faucets or fountains.

Cats should have safe spaces. Usually served in some tall cabinet, a burro on the table or something similar. When they are afraid or unsure about the situation, they need to hide. Better to invest in a garden with more indoor plants.

Give affection and a positive attitude

Cats like different games than dogs. They like to chase things, which is part of a cat’s hunting instinct. Tie something to a string and let your cat hunt for that object. There are laser flashlights that are great fun.

Cats are not representative of animals at the top of the food chain. They are carnivores and do not tolerate violence or punishment from humans. Likewise, fighting a beast does no good, and they learn nothing of the sort.

Cats need positive stimuli to learn what is right. Here’s a tip!