May 27, 2022

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The world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in the Czech Republic

The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in the Czech Republic

(CNN) – Walking from mountain to mountain, hanging high above the ground with a wide yawning valley below, is not for the faint of heart.

But thrill seekers – and infrastructure enthusiasts – will flock to Dolní Morava . Holiday Resort In the northeastern Czech Republic to climb the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the New World.
Under construction over the past two years, it is 721 meters (2,365 feet) long, aptly named Sky Bridge 721, It officially opened on May 13th. The trail promises stunning views of the cloudy Jeseníky Mountains, and an overall experience, albeit a little intimidating.

New world record

Sky Bridge 721, the world’s longest suspension pedestrian bridge, has officially opened for thrill seekers.

Lucas Capone/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Austrian blogger Victoria Fellner visited Sky Bridge 721 earlier this week as part of a preview event, where she shared photos of her Instagram account.
Fellner said CNN Travel That taking her first step on the bridge gave her a “feeling sick”.

But this initial fear subsided as she admired the surrounding landscape.

“I was afraid the suspension bridge would shake a lot, but it wasn’t that bad,” Fellner said. “The view is really impressive and you can even see the forest below through the trellis! Luckily I’m not afraid of heights.”

Sky Bridge 721, suspended by cables, is suspended 95 meters above the valley floor and extends between 1,110 and 1,116 meters above sea level. The bridge is accessible by cable car and walking across it is a one-way deal. Exiting the trail on the other side, visitors can make their way along a paved forest path lined with signs explaining Czech history. There is also a corresponding virtual reality phone game.

The 1.2-meter-wide Sky Bridge is open to children of all ages and heights, but is not suitable for people using wheelchairs or wheelchairs.

Passengers must pre-book Sky Bridge 721 tickets at this time on Dolní Morava websitewith adult rates starting at CZK 350 (about $14.60).
Dolní Morava, on the Czech border with Poland, is a vacation spot and is also home to ski slopes. Alpine roller coaster Claimed to be the second tallest restaurant in Europe, it is a mountaintop restaurant and an attraction called Skywalk Curved structure with a wooden walkway and slide, located at an altitude of 1116 meters above sea level.

Sky Bridge 721 is located approximately 2.5 hours’ drive from the Czech capital, Prague.

Top photo: Lucas Capone/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images