March 23, 2023

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The world was downgraded to Hurricane Grace Type 1, which struck the coast of Mexico

Grace downgraded to Type 1 after Hurricane Grace hit the eastern region Mexico This Saturday morning (21). At 9:00 a.m. (Brasilia time), the wind blew at 150 mph.

The National Hurricane Center released this information United States (NHC, its acronym in English). This Saturday morning, just before reaching the coast of Mexico, 195 km wind at Grace And was considered a Type 3 hurricane.

According to Reuters, despite being downgraded to this category, the hurricane caused power shortages, floods and felling of trees for a portion of the population.

The NHC said Grace was heading west to Mexico, and the move is expected to continue throughout the day.

It is expected that the speed of the hurricane will continue to decrease as it moves to the central parts of the country.

According to the NHC, Grace is expected to turn into a tropical storm in the next few hours and dissolve by Sunday (22). The company warned of the dangers of passing a hurricane, such as high tides, floods and landslides.

Mercy reached areas such as the oil-producing state of Veracruz. The floods hit Ciudad Maduro in the state of Tamil Nadu, where the state-owned oil company Bemex is located.

Some flights were canceled due to the hurricane at Mexico City International Airport.

Thursday (19), Grace has already reached the Caribbean coast of Mexico700,000 people are temporarily without electricity. At the beginning of the week, Jamaica That’s it Haiti Heavy rain related to the event.