January 30, 2023

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The world sentenced the German Islamic State to 10 years in prison for allowing a child to die of thirst

Justice Germany A German woman who was part of a terrorist group has been sentenced to 10 years in prison Islamic State For allowing a woman to die of thirst.

Jennifer Venice, 30, was convicted this Monday (25).

Accused of Venetian war crimes and murder. She may have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The girl, Yazidi, who died while in his custody, is a Kurdish minority persecuted by militants from Iraq and Syria.

Below is a 2015 video of the Islamic State harassing Yazidis.

The Islamic State is liberating more than 200 people from the Yazidi religious minority

The German court action began in April 2019 and is one of the first in the world to deal with war crimes against YCD.

The German took part in an armed Islamic State patrol

A native of Lohne in northwestern Germany. He traveled to Iraq to meet the “brothers”.

For several months, he was part of the police force in Fallujah and Mosul, where he participated in armed patrols. This security force, above all, respects the rules of dress and conduct established by the extremists.

After several abuses, the woman was punished by her husband al-Jumei for urinating on the mattress. Next, she was tied to a window outside the house, at a temperature of about 50 C. The woman died of thirst.

The child’s mother, Nora D., was forced to remain in the couple’s service.

Jennifer Venish, who has been accused of allowing her partner to act without interference, declared she was afraid of being “pushed or locked up” at the trial.

Prosecutors and Taha al-Jumaili’s lawyers suggested the woman could have survived if she had been taken to a hospital in Fallujah.

Nora D., the mother of a child who now lives in an undisclosed location in Germany. A key witness, a survivor, was questioned during the trial of a former spouse.

“[Eu] I became an example of everything that happened under the Islamic State. It is difficult to imagine that this would be possible under the rule of law, “Jennifer said in a statement issued by the Sdeddeutsche Zeitung.

Jennifer Venish was arrested by Turkish security forces in Ankara in January 2016 and later deported to Germany.

He was transferred to a detention center only in June 2018 when he tried to enter Islamic State-controlled areas in Syria with his two-year-old daughter.

During the escape attempt, the offender told the driver the details of her life in Iraq.

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