March 27, 2023

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The world has blamed the Taliban leader for the chaos at the Kabul airport

The leader of the Taliban group on Sunday (22) The United States Chaos at Kabul airport in Afghanistan. There, thousands of people tried to board flights to leave the country.

Taliban leader Amir Khan Mutaki said, “The United States, by all its powers and means … has failed to bring order to the airport.

“Peace and order reigns across the country, but only at the airport in Kabul is there chaos,” he continued. “It should be over soon.”

The UK Ministry of Defense has stated this Seven people died on the outskirts of the airport Saturday (21). Reuters said they were crushed against the gates.

An official with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) told the agency that at least 20 people had died at the airport or in the surrounding area in the past few days.

The British network Sky News on Saturday released pictures of at least three bodies covered with white plastic outside the airport. The station’s correspondent, Stuart Ramsay, said people were being oppressed, while others were “dehydrated and frightened.”

The US Embassy in Afghanistan urges Americans to stay away from airports

A week after the militant group took power, thousands are trying to flee Afghanistan. UK Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace The United States defended the extension of its stay in Afghanistan Allow all people to evacuate.

The United States warned Saturday (21) Americans in Afghanistan should avoid Kabul airport If they do not have instructions from government representatives.

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