June 30, 2022

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The woman who strangled her husband and recorded everything for her boyfriend

Charlotte Dutson was sentenced to life in prison in England; The trial is set to begin on August 2021, but the verdict will be announced on May 24

Background / Facebook / Charlotte DutsonCharlotte Dutson was sentenced to life imprisonment

Charlotte Dutson, 25, was sentenced to life in prison ManchesterAt England, After admitting to tying her up with electric cables, strangled her husband, Mohammad Mukhtar, 53, 53, while sending pictures to all her boyfriend. The case took place in August 2021, but the sentence was only released on May 24. According to the city police, the young woman had abusive and violent behavior with her husband. Emergency services found the man dead in his own home. He also suffered liver damage from the kick.

Charlotte and her boyfriend had known each other for a week, and he teased about the situation in response to the photos he received. “I hope you will not do this to me,” he wrote. “I’ll never hug you,” the woman replied. The lawyer for the case, Alaric Passano, said he was pleased to see his ex-partner’s condition and that he had already attacked Mukhtar with guns and knives during the four years of their relationship. This is not the first time Charlotte has been arrested. She already had three tickets and one was charged, however, in this case, nothing happened because the man lied to protect her.

At the time of sentencing, the woman’s lawyer said she had traumatic mental health issues as a young woman, and during her confession, she described her husband as a kind and vulnerable man. Mukhtar’s sister, Fossia, declared that Charlotte’s family would never forgive her, and that she had a ‘pure, evil and unfeeling way’. She also called her brother a “shy, quiet person who never hurt anyone.” Despite the life sentence, he could have his sentence reduced, however, he should have served at least 22 and a half years in prison.

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