June 30, 2022

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The woman, who sent a text message to her boyfriend, strangled her husband

In Manchester, England, a woman has been sentenced to life in prison for confessing to killing her wife when she sent a photo of her strangled boyfriend to her boyfriend. The British news agency BBC reports that 25-year-old Charlotte Dutson strangled 53-year-old Mohammed Mukhtar at home. The murder took place in August 2021 and the results came out on Tuesday (24).

Charlotte uploaded photos of her partner being built with power cables before she died of suffocation. The victim had a rupture of the liver, which was caused by a blow or blow to the abdomen. Emergency services found Mukhtar dead at home.

In a message from the man she started talking to a week ago, the boy jokes and says she believes she will never do it to him – to which Charlotte says she will never do it again with her new boyfriend.

Alaric Passano, the case’s lawyer, said he was experiencing his ex-partner’s situation and that the treatment he received was “disgraceful” so he was arrested three times and charged once before the crime. According to the court, nothing was done to protect her because the man lied.

Passano added that during the four-year relationship, Charlotte attacked Mukhtar several times with guns and knives.

Judge Patrick Field QC said the boy’s face significant challenges in life, especially “mental health issues” and that he was a “vulnerable” man. “The relationship is wrong, you are the aggressor,” he said.

Mukhtar’s sister, Fossia, said the family had “suffered” because of what her brother had experienced, and that Charlotte had “never been forgiven” and that she had behaved “pure, evil and heartless.” “Amin (Mukhtar) is a shy, quiet and loving boy. He will not hurt anyone.”

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Defendant’s attorney, Tim Story, said she suffered from mental disorders and trauma when she was young. The judge objected and explained that these factors put forward by the defense had a “limited impact” on her guilt in the murder.