March 27, 2023

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The woman carrying the lion who ran away from home in her lap; Look

01/07/2022 at 9:58 PM / Updated 01/07/2022 9:59 PM

The incident was reported to the Environmental Police and immediately relocated – (Credit: Reproduction)

An unusual film in Sabahia in the southern region Kuwait, Gained prominence on social websites. This is the woman who carried her own lion on several streets after running away from home. The animal, which she considered a pet, escaped last Sunday (2/1). Environmental police were notified and rushed to the scene.

The same day, the woman found the lion and needed help to keep the cat out of captivity. According to the local news website, local officials contributed to the process Al Anba.

In the video, on the streets of Kuwait, a woman can be seen holding an animal under her front paws while a cat fights. After a few meters, after appearing tired, the woman put the pet on the floor to rest.

In many countries in the Persian Gulf region, including Kuwait, keeping pets or so-called “pets” at home is a popular event. However, this is an illegal practice.

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