June 28, 2022

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The woman appealed on Facebook to find her boyfriend and found out he has a wife and three children

A., an American living in China An emotional request on Facebook for a “missing” boyfriendHe found out that he was in his hometown of Norwich (England). To her surprise, With his wife and three childrenS.

On social media, Rachel Waters said Paul McGee, 40, had moved to the UK and wanted to return to Shenzhen (China), where they both lived.

“I haven’t heard anything about him lately. I’m worried something might have happened. If anyone knows anything, please let me know.”The South Carolina-born American wrote on Facebook.

The end of the mystery: Missing American woman found 42 years later

Until the invention comes.

“It’s not fun. He has a wife and children. And I’m sorry for her.”Paul’s friend wrote.

Before the explicit trip, The Englishman and his wife had not seen each other for two years“The Sun” said in a statement.

Rachel Waters Photo: Breeding

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Rachel Waters was once a professional volleyball player.
Rachel Waters was once a professional volleyball player Photo: Breeding

The British were working in China when the Kovit-19 epidemic broke out, and he was stranded in the country. He was then Contacted Rachel, not to mention that she was married and had children.

Rachel, embarrassed by the story, deleted the Facebook post. Asked by the press, he declined to comment.

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