June 30, 2022

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The WHO Director-General says the Govt epidemic is ‘certainly not over’

The head of the World Health Organization warned this Sunday (22) that the Covid-19 epidemic is “certainly not over.” Despite the decline In cases recorded from the peak of the micron wave. “We are reducing our security at our own risk,” he told governments.

Speaking to officials gathered in Geneva for the opening of the WHO’s Annual Meeting, WHO Director-General Tetros Adonom Gabrias said, “Reducing testing and deployment means we are blinding ourselves to the evolution of the virus.” He also mentioned that almost 1 billion people Low-income countries have not yet been vaccinated.

The WHO said in its weekly report on the global situation last Thursday (19) that the number of new cases of Govt-19 appeared. Stabilized After weeks of decline since the end of March, the overall number of weekly deaths has dropped.

Despite the progress, with 60% of the population Vaccine World, “It’s not going to end anywhere until it’s everywhere,” Tetros said. “The reported cases are increasing in almost 70 countries in all regions, and this is in a world where test rates are declining,” he added.

Tetros is due to be nominated for a second five-year term this week at the World Health Assembly, the annual meeting of WHO member states. (Level content)

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