December 8, 2022

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The website says that KP Pettito’s fiance was eaten by crocodiles after his death ·JournalMediamax

Brian Laundry, the ex-wife of KP Pettito, is said to have partially eaten his body by crocodiles after he shot himself and committed suicide. The 22-year-old was killed in late September, while the remains of the laundry were found on October 20. Brian, who had just returned from a trip with Pettito, went missing. The FBI began searching for isolated laundry as the main suspect in the death of an influencer in September.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, the laundry bag and notebook were found near his body. Although the carcass was eaten by crocodiles and wild boar, examination of the dental records revealed that it was he.

Laundry Family Attorney Steve Bertolino told E in a statement! News: “The cause of death of Chris and Roberta Laundry was said to be a gunshot wound to the head and the form of death was suicide. They are still grieving the loss of their son and hope these findings will end both families.

Remember the case

KP Pettito quit his job in July and went on a trip across the US with her boyfriend. The influencer shared several moments of the trip on social media, but went missing on September 11 and his body was found on the 19th in Grand Detton National Park in Wyoming.

His parents approached the police as he stopped responding to calls and text messages for several days.

Brian Laundry, 23, became the main suspect after a report pointed out that KP had been strangled. The boy arrived home alone on October 1 without talking about Pettito’s location, and left the house nine days later saying he was going to hike in the Carlton Reservoir.

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According to his parents, he left the house without taking his wallet and cellphone, and they were afraid he would do something to himself.