June 30, 2022

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The war in Ukraine is putting pressure on international oil prices | National Magazine

War Ukraine Has further pressed the price of crude oil in the international market. Economists estimate that this rise is not a one-off, and that the effects of this conflict outside the battlefield will continue for many years to come.

War Ukraine It’s not about that Ukraine Only. Has never been. As Russian troops crossed the border, the price of a barrel of oil in other parts of the world touched $ 100. That is just the beginning.

The Europe And this To us Reacted with sanctions that hampered trade with Russia – a major oil exporter – and prices explode: London Stock Exchange nearly US $ 130.

But in the coming days, oil demand and supply will be in balance. On the one hand, the peace talks sparked expectations for an end to the war. On the other hand, the China – Major consumer of energy – Locking order in key economic centers after breaking record in Govt cases. The barrel is trading below $ 100.

It did not last long. In the next few days, President of Russia, Vladimir PutinClarified that a contract with Ukraine Not near, the price has gone up again.

“So far there is a direct relationship Russia As the world’s second largest oil producer, it benefits greatly from rising international prices. In this context it is clear that the higher the price of a barrel of oil, the higher it will be Russia Is earning for the product, ”explains Juliana Inhas, professor of economics and finance at Inspire.

The longer the obstacles last, the greater the risk Russia Loses land in international oil transactions. This Saturday (19) the Minister of External Affairs Russia, Sergei Lavrov, tried to remember the importance of the country in the balance of this market. He said that despite the emergence of new participants in the world oil trade, the current relationship between OPEC + countries – bringing together major oil producers – will continue to be essential.

“What we are seeing in recent weeks on the European continent is a historic change of movement and an energy sovereignty program. Europe And it is very significant. It expands economic relations China And Russia. The Russia It is becoming a major supplier of energy and commodities to the Chinese market – and to India itself, especially grain, “said Philip Luriro, a professor of international relations at the USP.

Defeat is simply taken for granted, even before the war is over and an army declares itself victorious.

“This war UkraineClearly, this is the biggest strategic mistake Putin has made in more than two decades. It ends with a Europe Very united with the strong NATO, therefore, he will come out with less security than he entered this war. We need to understand the war equivalent of 9/11 for the Americans from the point of view of the Europeans. What happened on 9/11 was not just the fall of the Twin Towers. What happened was a shift in American sense of security, and it reshaped US foreign policy over the years. Let’s see the same thing now EuropeSays Carlos Gustavo Poggio, FAAP’s Professor of International Relations.

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