August 15, 2022

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The war ends a month with the attack on the Russian ship

The Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory on Thursday (24) marked the end of a month. An extraordinary NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) summit will be held this Thursday. Strengthening support for Ukraine in the face of Russian troops.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky attended the meeting via video conference, saying, “To save the people and our cities, Ukraine needs military assistance“And he criticized the group, saying, ‘Please never tell us again that our military has not met NATO standards.’ ‘We have shown what our standards are capable of. How much can we pay for the general security of Europe and the world? “

As for Russia, if there is pressure from NATO against the invasion, that is it It is possible to use nuclear weapons. “When you deal with a nuclear weapon, of course, you have to account for all the possible consequences of its behavior,” said Dmitry Polyanski, Russia’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations (United Nations).

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky delivered a video address to NATO leaders gathered in Brussels, Belgium.

Image: Reproduction / Facebook / andrij.sybiha.7

Zhelensky asks NATO for weapons

The Belgian capital Brussels is hosting an extraordinary summit of NATO leaders today, as well as meetings of the European Union (EU) – from Zhelensky wants to join UkraineToday, he reaffirmed the G7’s goal of coordinating the position of the United States and its allies in the face of the invasion launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

To the NATO leaders, Zhelensky recalled that Ukraine had returned to the “search for planes” group, so we did not lose many. “You have thousands of warplanes! But we do not have one yet,” he said in a speech issued by the Ukrainian president’s office. “You have at least 20,000 tanks! Ukraine asked for one percent. One percent of all your tanks! Give it to us or sell it to us. But we still do not have a clear answer.”

The bad thing about the war is that there are no clear answers to calls for help. Ukraine does not want this war. And did not want to fight for many years.
We must save our people
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky to NATO

biden - John Thys / AFP - John Thys / AFP

US President Joe Biden (left) and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attend NATO meeting in Brussels, Belgium

Image: John Thys / AFP

President of the United States, Joe BidenParticipates in the meeting with European allies, Announces sanctions on Russian oligarchs and politicians Coordinates all restrictions imposed on Moscow and establishes with the G7 an attempt to prevent any attempt to circumvent them.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Putin “Made a serious mistake: The beginning of a war against a free and sovereign nation. “” You underestimated the strength and courage of the Ukrainians. “

He said NATO had “increased its military presence in the region” and that coalition leaders would discuss “the need to restructure our defense and security in the long run.” Stoltenberg pointed out that “the first step” was to establish four new fighting groups in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia in the eastern part of the alliance. NATO has already mobilized war teams in four countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

The Ukrainian military says a Russian ship has been wrecked in the Ukrainian port of Berdyansk.

Image: Reproduction / Facebook /

Ship attack

Today, the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced the destruction of a Russian ship in the port of Berdyansk, 750 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital. The Russian Defense Ministry did not mention the shipwreck in its morning report, but said that “the Russian military units have completely captured the town of Izium in the Kharkiv region.” However Ukraine has denied it. The information could not be verified independently.

“The Russian landing ship’s large landing ship was wrecked near the port of Berdyansk,” the Armed Forces said in a statement on Thursday. Bertiansk is 80 kilometers west of the strategic port of Mariupol, a city besieged by the Russians.

Ukrainian media reported that residents reported two explosions at 6:40 a.m. local time (1:40 a.m. GMT), which could be heard throughout the city.

Porto - Reproduction / Facebook / - Reproduction / Facebook /

A haze of smoke was observed following the collision of a Russian ship in the Ukrainian port of Berdyansk.

Image: Reproduction / Facebook /

The port of Berdyansk is strategic for the Russians because it allows it to supply equipment, ammunition and troops to the southern part of Ukraine.

Russian company Tass, citing the Zvezda TV channel of the Russian Ministry of Defense The ship is owned by the Moscow Black Sea Navy And the first person to come to the Bertians on March 21st. “The arrival of this large landing ship in the port of Berdyansk is a significant event, which opens up possibilities in logistics matters for the Black Sea, making full use of the infrastructure of Berdyansk,” the Zvezda channel said at the time.

The ship, which has a carrying capacity of 1,500 tonnes, is “unloading armored vehicles to strengthen our displacement,” the broadcaster added.

As for Ukraine, Russia’s main targets are “military and civilian infrastructure” in the regions of the country’s capital, Kiev. ChernihivIn northern Ukraine, and KharkivThe second largest Ukrainian city in the east.

A month of war

On Thursday, as the war reached its 29th day, the Ukrainian military recalled the invasion that began on February 24. For Ukraine’s emergency service, “March 24 marks the invincible month of Ukraine”. “The whole Ukrainian people have been fighting for a month against the occupation Russian For the right to live in an independent European country. It’s a month of determination that has already proved to the world that it is easy not to lose. “

We still have a difficult time. The Russian military machine will not stop until it is soaked in the blood of its soldiers. Russian society is already experiencing some consequences, but it is intimidated and inactive
oleksii ResnikovMinister of Defense of Ukraine

Deaths in the Lugansk region

At least Four people diedThe governor of the region Serguii Gaidai said today that six people, including two children, were injured in the Russian attack on the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk, Rubizhne.

He accused the “Russian plane of dropping phosphorus bombs on Rubishne”. There are other regional authorities Similar allegations In recent days, unconfirmed information in independent sources.

lugansk - Revelation / Serguii Gaidai - Revelation / Serguii Gaidai

Died in an attack on a town near Lukansk

Image: Advertising / Sergi Guide

Russian alternative

The UK Defense Ministry’s intelligence today estimated without giving any figures that “Russian forces certainly suffered thousands of casualties during the invasion of Ukraine.” The Ukrainian government estimates that Russia lost about 15,800 troops in the conflict, an number that cannot be verified independently. The Russians did not mention the latest draw.

“To make up for these substantial losses, Russia now wants to mobilize its reserves and manpower, as well as private military companies and foreign mercenaries.” As for the British, “it is not clear how these groups will be integrated with the Russian ground forces in Ukraine, and this will have an impact on war performance.” This has already been mentioned by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson It will supply another 6,000 missiles to Ukraine.

Map Russia occupies Ukraine - 26.02.2022 - Arte / UOL - Arte / UOL
Image: Art / UOL

Peace in Kiev

Following another curfew order ending at 7 am local time (2 am GMT), Kiev’s city council said night and dawn were “relatively quiet”.

“Kiev residents are urged to be careful and not to come around the city unnecessarily,” the city said. “And if you get an aerial warning signal, go to the shelter immediately. Take care of your safety and help those around you.”

Since the beginning of the invasion, At least 264 civilians were killed in the capital, According to City Hall, estimates that the population of the capital has halved as a result of the war. Previously, there were 3 million people.

In the Kiev region, however, an attack was recorded this morning. In Vasilkiv, about 40 kilometers from the capital, the production area of ​​a company warehouse was attacked this morning after an airstrike by Russian forces, according to Ukraine’s emergency service, which did not specify what the company’s operation was. Company. “The fire burned more than 4,000 square meters of production and storage. No one was injured.” The fire has already been extinguished.

Warehouse - Reproduction / Facebook / MNS.GOV.UA - Reproduction / Facebook / MNS.GOV.UA

In the city of Vasilkiv in the Kiev region, a property was attacked after an attack this morning.

Image: Reproduction / Facebook / MNS.GOV.UA

Gerson controlled

The Russian Defense Ministry says the Russian-controlled city of Gershon, 650 kilometers south of Kiev, is engaged in “demining of agricultural land.” They pointed out that at least “12,000 explosives” would be removed.

“On the maps of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the abandoned headquarters were marked by landmines seized by Russian troops, which were deliberately placed on agricultural lands and facilities,” the ministry said.

Gerson - Reproduction / Pravda Gerashchenko - Reproduction / Pravda Gerashchenko

Protesters scatter bombs in the Ukrainian city of Kherson, which has been captured by Russian forces.

Image: Reproduction / Pravda Zerashchenko

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense says that the enemy “intimidated the local population in connection with the peaceful protests against the occupation of the temporarily occupied territories of the Gershon region.”

“Kerson, who opposes the occupation of unarmed civilians, is proving to everyone that no Russian soldiers were called in. These are the war criminals of the invading terrorist state. [a Ucrânia] By force, “Resnikov said.

(With Reuters, AFP and EFE)

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