January 30, 2023

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The volcano in the Canaries leaves a trail of chaos

A Gumbre Viza volcano eruption, La Palma in the Canary Islands, ends a week tomorrow. At this time, the The path of destruction It covered 400 houses and buildings, in addition to removing more than 6,000 people, including 400 tourists, in a process that would take weeks. Despite the low speed, the damage intensified over several days.

The affected area has already reached 240 hectares as it is occupied by incredible images like “lava wall” and a swimming pool. The speed had slowed in the middle, but authorities released an update yesterday that the eruption was intensifying.

The eruption will last 24 to 84 days, according to the Canary Islands Volcano Company.

Column of volcanic gases and ash Reached an altitude of 4,500 meters And can already be found in Tenerife (Spain). Today the Canary Islands government issued an evacuation warning for the areas of Tajuya, Tacon de Abajo and Tacon de Arriba.

The concern of the authorities reaches the volcanic ocean. The chemical reaction that occurs when salt comes in contact with water creates explosions and emissions of harmful gases.

Spain’s IGN (National Geographic Institute) announced yesterday that the volcanic movement had stopped. One of the volcanic tongues stopped progressing and the other dropped from 700 m / h to 4 m / h.

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Today, however, officials warned that the volcanic eruption would intensify. Gumbre Viza throws a column of ash and gases reaching an altitude of 4,500 meters. The volcanic flow is 12 meters and 500 meters wide at its highest point, which contributes to its slow motion.

On Thursday (22), with the arrival of King Philip VI of Spain, the emergency team was urged to speak privately with the victims of the volcano and provide assistance.

The first announcement of an explosion risk came on the 16th, when officials raised the warning level to yellow, the third in a fourth group. Brazilian researchers also suggested Possibility of tsunami risk in BrazilIf a part of the island collapses.

The volcanic alert was triggered by Spanish authorities on Saturday (18). On the 19th, at 11:12 a.m. Brasilia time, Cumbre Viza, which had been dormant for decades, Exploded. The last recorded eruption in La Palma was active almost five decades ago, more than three weeks after the eruption of the Deniguna volcano.

The domain of Football Union Deportivo Los Palmas, Spain Second Division Team, Had to be used as shelter for local people.. In total, about 300 people were to be evicted from their homes and sent to the El Paso football ground.

Union Deportivo Los Palmas - Twitter / RNE Canarias - Twitter / RNE Canarias Field Residents

Residents coming to Union Deportiva Los Palmas Field

Image: Twitter / RNE Canarias

On the 20th and 18th, two volcanic tongues began to descend on the slope of Gumbre Vijaya, Tow houses and other buildings. On the same day, the European Union (EU) Implemented satellite system It is associated with volcanic eruptions.

Volcanic Canaries - via FORTA / REUTERS - via FORTA / REUTERS

Gumbre Viza volcano erupts in the Canary Islands (Spain)

Image: via FORTA / REUTERS

Also, on the 20th, the Canary Islands Volcano Company (Involcan) announced that the eruption was already releasing 6,000 to 9,000 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) daily. The lava erupted at an average altitude of six meters and advanced at 700 meters per hour.

Canary Volcanic Eruption - Desire Martin / AFP - Desire Martin / AFP

Gumbre Viza volcano erupts in the Canary Islands


On the 21st, the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, reduced his stay in New York, where he will attend the 76th session of the UN General Assembly. Go towards the canaries. That day, a video was recorded on a street in La Palma Shows the moment when there is a “volcanic wall”, At a height of more than 6 meters, it moves towards the fire department.

The level of concentrated, colorless but highly toxic sulfur dioxide was very high, the next day, officials said. He feared the chemical would reach part of the Iberian Peninsula, Made up of Portugal and Spain, as well as almost the entire extension of Morocco and Tunisia, reaching the coasts of France, Italy, Algeria and Libya.

vulcão drone canárias - Spanish Emergency Forces (UME) / Reuters - Spanish Emergency Forces (UME) / Reuters

The video taken by the night drone shows volcanoes and volcanic eruptions on the way to the sea on the Spanish island of La Palma.

Image: Spanish Emergency Forces (UME) / Reuters

On the 22nd, Pictures taken by the drone show the path of destruction Left with volcanic tongues, he captured the moment when fluid seeped into an apartment’s swimming pool.

For UOL news, Professor Jose Alberto Vivas Veloso, a member of the Institute of Geography at the UNP (University of Brasilia), recalled that Brazil had already killed two people by the tsunami.