March 29, 2023

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The video shows four people killed when two helicopters collide

A video released today (4) shows a passenger alerting the pilot of two helicopters moments before they collided on Australia’s Gold Coast on Monday (2).

Footage released by Australian news site 7News shows a crew member observing the approach of the second plane, drawing the attention of pilot Michael James.

However, the pilot does not have enough time to focus on what will happen. In the video footage, the sound of the impact can be heard. Glass from the helicopter’s windows appeared to shatter and hit the passengers.

Even with the severity of the crash, Michael James landed safely on a sandbar. He and 5 others on the plane survived.

In the second helicopter, out of seven passengers, four died: the pilot, a couple and a woman traveling with her son. A local news website reported that the child was hospitalized in critical condition.

Authorities have launched an investigation to analyze the mechanics of the crash. According to Angus Mitchell, chief commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Agency, the victims were only 20 seconds in the air after takeoff.

The official said the emergency landing by pilot Michael James was a “remarkable feat” and “could have been a much worse situation” in terms of casualties.

One of the purposes of the investigation is to analyze the pilots’ range of vision in the minutes before the crash, because, the released video shows, at least one of them did not notice the other plane.

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