March 27, 2023

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The Venezuelan opposition and government are discussing elections to resume talks in Mexico

Government and opposition Venezuela Launched again this Friday (3) Mexico, Whose immediate goal is to establish a timetable and guarantee the participation of the parties against it. Nicolas Maduro In the November regional election.

After confirmation this week Will run in elections for mayors and governors on November 21stOpposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, but reaffirmed their agreement on August 13.

In the document, seven debates were raised, including political rights, election guarantees and the timetable for the election to be observed, as well as priority issues on the opposition agenda as of this Friday, a source informed the AFP.

Opposition leader Juan Quito said in a video posted on social media: “Our goal is to reach an agreement that will resolve the conflict through free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections.

“We all know that there are no conditions for a free and fair election process in Venezuela today, which is why we are in Mexico and we are fighting to achieve those conditions,” he added.

The memorandum also includes the removal of barriers and restoration of rights, political and social coexistence, ensuring the protection and implementation of the economy, as well as monitoring and verifying what has been agreed.

Maduro and members of the delegation met at the Presidential Palace in Miraflores on Thursday night. “For the new day of negotiations with the opposition departments, we have finalized the final details of the documents of the petitions we will take to Mexico,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The dialogue schedule, which began just after 12:00 pm local time (2:00 pm in Brasilia) and lasted until Monday (6), according to opposition sources, was facilitated by the Kingdom of Norway and has the support of Mexico.

Recognized as the responsible president of fifty countries, Quito’s decision by the opposition to participate in the November election “is the result of a difficult process (…) to fight on another front of the war towards the same end”.

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