March 27, 2023

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The Vatican says Pope Francis will be hospitalized ‘a few days’ sooner than expected

ROME – The Vatican announced on Monday that the ouster of Pope Francis, scheduled for about a week after bowel surgery on the 4th, is “just a few more days”. According to Holy See, Pontiff will be in the hospital to adjust his medication and improve his rehab.

“To fix medical treatment and rehabilitation, the Pope will be admitted to hospital for a few more days,” his spokesman Matteo Bruni said without further details.

As the GLOBO revealed last week, the action submitted by the Pope The operating room underwent a drastic change, During its realization. Robotic surgery is a sophisticated and minimally invasive technique.

Francisco recovers from colon surgery

However, minutes after the start, the problem – shrinking bowel caused by diverticulitis – was more serious than expected and they had to choose surgery called “open space” at the time. Has been disconnected.

On Sunday, Pontif appeared in public for the first time since hernia surgery. He went out on a balcony at the Jemelie Polyclinic in Rome where he was admitted to the hospital and offered his weekly prayers in front of hundreds of people.

The 84-year-old pope stood for about 10 minutes on the balcony of his 10th floor hospital complex and was in good public condition. He read the text he prepared, but also made a number of explicit comments.

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Francisco sometimes breathed a little. He had a part of his lungs removed when he was young in Argentina. After Sunday’s speech, the Vatican said the pope’s remaining day could not be traced, with other patients visiting on the same floor of the hospital and a large celebration in the afternoon.

During his stay at the hospital, Pontiff said he was able to realize the importance of public health systems “as in Italy and elsewhere”:

– A health service that guarantees good care that is freely accessible to all – said. “This precious possession must not be lost, it must be kept, and everyone must guarantee it, because everyone needs it.

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Diverticulitis is an inflammation of the wall of the large intestine that causes the papilla to undergo surgery, causing the organ to thicken and contract – which in medical parlance is called stenosis. This is a common problem in the elderly and causes pain when leaving.

This is corrected by removing the affected area and joining the loose ends of the intestine. The pope had half of the colon removed during the procedure, which was announced last Sunday, according to the Vatican, which had already been planned in advance.

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