December 8, 2022

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The unvaccinated corona virus represents 85% of those hospitalized with Covit-19 in France

People who have not been vaccinated Govit-19 About 85% were hospitalized France According to data released this Friday (30), the corona virus causes 78% of deaths.

Between May 31 and July 11, unvaccinated people accounted for 84% of regular hospital admissions and 85% of intensive care units (ICUs). Only 7% of fully vaccinated patients were included during this period.

At the time of the study, approximately 35% of the population had already been fully vaccinated and 45% had not yet received any vaccine doses. The proportion of people admitted to the hospital who are not vaccinated is 84% ​​-85%, which is more than twice the proportion of those who are not vaccinated in the general population, depending on the type of admission.

The study involved multiple ministries by combining data from the results of Govt-19 tests, vaccines and routine or intensive care hospitals. “Recent hospitalizations are caused by people who have not been vaccinated,” the report said.

For example, on July 11, 55 people who had not been vaccinated and 7 who had been vaccinated were admitted to 55 hospitals across France.

The delta variation appears to be greater in control trials when patients come to the hospital, suggesting that this strain “causes a slightly higher rate of severe cases”. However, the scope of the cases examined does not allow for general conclusions, the company that analyzed the data warns.

Currently, 7,236 people have been hospitalized in French hospitals, with 1,015 patients in intensive care units, 23 more than on Wednesday. In the last 24 hours, 25,190 new Govt-19 cases and 27 deaths related to complications caused by the virus were detected.