March 25, 2023

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The United States plans to open borders to foreigners who have been vaccinated against govt

You United States, Closed its borders to most parts of the world due to the epidemic, a program to allow foreigners vaccinated against Govt-19, a White House official said Wednesday (4).

Government of the President Joe BidenRecognizing the importance of international travel, the source said that it should be reopened to foreigners in a “safe and sustainable way”.

Washington “sees a gradual process that will see foreigners travel to the United States over time, with a few exceptions.”

Washington On July 26 it was decided to maintain restrictions on foreign visits, Set aside mutual European demands.

A team is developing a new “stable and secure” system for foreign visitors, the source said, adding, “When can we start the journey again?”

The United States has banned people from the European Union, the United Kingdom, China and Iran from entering the country for more than a year due to the epidemic.

To these countries, Washington added others, Including Brazil And India.

The EU reopened to US travelers in June, requiring vaccination certificates or negative tests.

The move will help tourism-dependent countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy, which fear another year of difficulties.

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