March 27, 2023

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The United States has accused the Taliban of blocking Afghanistan from leaving the country

You United States Accused Taliban To maintain checkpoints around the International Airport Obscene And prevents those who want to leave the country from leaving Afghanistan. The US government asked for free tickets on the site.

A Taliban official told Reuters the group “keeps its word” and “facilitates safe exit not only for foreigners but also for Afghanistan.” (See below).

Twelve people have died at Hamid Karzai International Airport since Sunday (15)., Taliban and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) officials told Reuters on Thursday (19).

The Taliban, who refused to be identified, said the deaths occurred during the shootings and riots. He asked people who were still lurking in front of the airport to return home if they did not have the legal right to travel. “We don’t want to hurt anyone.”.

Thousands of people are trying to escape Afghanistan Since the terrorist group captured the capital, Kabul, and returned to power 20 years later, a lightning military offensive that has lasted just 10 days has stunned the world.

Now people are crowded outside, and Videos posted on social media show hopeless people trying to climb the wall – with the help of some American soldiers.

Video: Woman tries to cross the airport wall in Kabul

Airport checkpoints

The U.S. government on Wednesday (18) expressed concern over reports of checkpoints and harassment of Afghan civilians at the airport entrance, despite the Taliban promising not to retaliate.

“Obviously they are blocking Afghanistan from coming to the airport if they want to leave the country,” Undersecretary Wendy Sherman said.

“We hope they will allow all American citizens, all citizens of other countries and all Afghans to do so safely and without harassment,” Sherman said.

President Joe Biden and his top officials have said The United States has been working to expedite the evacuation, but has not said how long it will take or how many will be evacuated from Afghanistan..

Crowds gather near the wall at Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan, August 17, 2021 – Photo: Rise to Peace via Reuters

This Thursday (19), The Taliban official told Reuters that the group was “keeping its word” by providing full support for the evacuation of foreigners and Afghans at the airport..

“We are facilitating a safe exit route not only for foreigners but also for Afghanistan,” the Taliban told Reuters.

“We are avoiding any violent verbal clashes at the airport between Afghans, foreigners and Taliban members,” the unidentified official said.

Despite the official version, Taliban militants have stepped up the search for people believed to have worked for US and NATO security forces., According to a secret UN document, including the Afghanistan meeting in front of the airport.

The “New York Times” newspaper points out the threat of killing or arresting family members if the target is not found. This is contrary to the extremist group’s general assurance that there will be no direct revenge.

Hundreds of people gather outside the international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 17, 2021 – Photo: AB

Monday (16), Scenes of chaos and death were recorded at the airportDuring the intense attempt to flee the country of foreigners and Afghanistan.

Thousands of people occupied the runway, some trying to board parked planes and stuck to the plane that was about to take off. The videos show what it would be like for people to fall from the sky after the departure of an American cargo ship (See below).

All flights were grounded amid chaos, and U.S. troops take control of the airport and begin arranging military evacuation planes for diplomats and civilians With other countries. Commercial air traffic has been suspended.

Videos of an Afghan military plane hanging and trying to flee the country

Videos of an Afghan military plane hanging and trying to flee the country

Although The Taliban are trying to be different this time around, Recalled the way the extremist group ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001 and did not believe the promises made in recent days.

At the time, the Taliban adopted a very strict view of Islamic law (Sharia), mainly imposing restrictions on women who were barred from working and studying. Extremely conservative Islamic views include stoning, beheading and even public execution..

Video: What can be expected from the future of women in Afghanistan?

Video: What can be expected from the future of women in Afghanistan?

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