December 9, 2022

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The two-dose vaccine shows efficacy against delta variation

The two-dose anti-goiter vaccine effectively protects against delta variation Corona virus, Is highly contagious and spreads rapidly today, said EMA (European Pharmaceuticals, its acronym in Portuguese).

“Data from concrete tests show that two levels of the vaccine protect against delta variation,” said Marco Cavaleri, director of EMA’s vaccination strategy.

Corona virus cases have risen again in Europe last week, after falling for 10 consecutive weeks, the World Health Organization (WHO) continental unit announced today, which is responsible for the increase in variance.

“We are aware of the concern caused by the rapid spread of delta variability,” Cavalieri said.

“Currently, four vaccines approved in the European Union (EU) seem to protect against all strains in circulation in Europe, including the delta variant,” he added.

The four EMA-approved vaccines are Pfizer / Bioendech, Moderna, Astrogeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

The WHO predicts that the delta variant initially detected in India will “dominate” until August, confirming the ECDC (European Center for Disease Control and Prevention) estimate that 90% of cases within the EU will be due. This variation on the quote date.

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