March 21, 2023

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The truck was struck by lightning while moving in Florida and is recorded on video

A truck collided with a lightning strike in Florida, USA, and the driver stopped work following a power outage while returning home. The moment of inactivity, the sound of lightning and flash were recorded on video by a camera mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Jack Forecker said he drove his Ford Ranger near Big Carlos Pass in Lee County when caught in the storm.

“I saw some people leaving the beach. And I told myself, ‘They were the ones who were struck by lightning because they were late leaving the beach. In the end, they were not struck by lightning,’ ‘he told Wink-TV.

“Lightning was like a gunshot from the back of my truck. It was so scary,” he said. “My windshield wiper stopped and I lost it Brakes Hydraulics, I lost the power steering. ”

The injured driver was able to pull over the shoulder. The pickup covering only 6,400 km was severely damaged. “I practically put her in the ICU,” he said succinctly. “The pick-up was in the store for 40 days and the mechanics tried to update it,” Forerack said, adding that he resigned because he would have to buy a new vehicle.

Forager said the incident he experienced should alert others to the dangers of lightning.

“You don’t have to be afraid of sharks, you don’t have to be afraid of rays. You have to be afraid of rays because they kill a lot of people here in Florida,” he concluded.