April 1, 2023

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The teacher who saved the life of a student who suffocated by a bottle cap – Metro World News Brazil

The teacher became the hero who saved the life of a student who was suffocated by a bottle cap. The woman, realizing what had happened, quickly used the Heimlich maneuver and saved the life of a 9-year-old boy.

According to the published publication Daily mail, The case took place in New Jersey, USA. When the student tried to open the bottle using his teeth he accidentally swallowed the lid of the plastic bottle causing suffocation.

“The cap was so tight I had to try to open it with my teeth so the water pushed the cap down my throat,” says the young student.

Immediately the cough started coming and he tried to remove the blockage in the throat but could not. “I tried to cough up the hat, but I could not, so I quickly went to Mrs. Jenkins,” he reports.

“He was aiming his neck, he was nervous,” Janice Kinkins, the teacher responsible for saving the student, said. “He could not speak. I turned to him and used the Heimlich maneuver.”

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Saved the student’s life

The teacher’s action was recorded on a security camera in the classroom, which recorded the moment the student ran towards himself.

“I did not think so, I acted. I saw that he needed help, I took action to help him. He could not breathe, his face was pale and he looked pessimistic.”

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JaNeice has been a teacher at the school for 5 years because of her profession so she can deal with any emergencies involving her students by undergoing specific training in CPR and basic first aid.

During the rescue operation, other students were impressed and terrified of the situation. As the cap is removed from the students’ throats, other students can be seen sighing with relief.

“I took him to the hospital as soon as he was safe, and then I felt better. My emotions overwhelmed me at the thought of what might have happened. Thank God I was able to help him, this was the first time I had to use the Heimlich maneuver, and I’m glad it worked.