March 21, 2023

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The teacher has been fired following the viralization of a sexy video among parents and students

One mother felt uncomfortable during the filming and decided to complain about the content of the teacher who was defending herself.

Teacher of Language and Literature Russa, 23, was fired after a Video His fascination spread virally among students and their parents in Novosibirsk.

A student’s mother fired for watching videos – Photo: Internet / Exposure / ND

Victoria Kashirina posted a video on the Internet showing her taking off her clothes and wearing underwear in “provocative” poses when she got home.

The problem started when the mother of one of her students, aged 11 and 12, looked at the pictures and complained to her teacher.

“Please do not post these explicit videos, or close (social network), my daughter is watching, you are clearly annoyed, but not the author,” the mother said.

He told the mother that he would stop the student and that the mother should pay more attention to her daughter’s web browsing.

He defends himself by claiming that video is a personal activity unrelated to his teaching work. The case did not stop there, reaching the school board, which decided to dismiss her for hurting the current “discipline” at the school.

“You created a storm, we have to react. I have two children and I understand how these parents feel,” the school principal said.

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