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The teacher fight at the summer camp ends in death

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06/22/2021 12 m13Updated 06/22/2021 12 m13

At a children’s summer camp in Russia’s Toprovsky district, a scuffle broke out between two teachers. According to the Daily Mail, they argued over who did the best job when staff grabbed knives and attacked each other.

Alla Filadova, 20, was hit in the chest by 22-year-old Alexandra Osipova and died at the scene.

After the two had been drinking, a fight would have taken place at night. The children were asleep at the time of the incident and the scene was missing.

A witness in the camp said so Osibova “As the Daily Star echoed, he said he could not even remember the reasons for the fight because he was drunk.

He was detained at the Osipova camp and suffered minor injuries by Piladova. According to the Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets: “The controversy quickly turned into clashes and fighting.”

Initial inquiries revealed that “there was an argument as to who among them was the best teacher” the newspaper revealed.

Alexandra Osipova will be questioned by a Russian commission of inquiry.

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