June 29, 2022

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The South Korean leader has said that the peace period with North Korea is over

South Korea’s new leader Eun Suk Yol
Photo: Reuters

On Monday (23), South Korea’s new conservative leader Eun Suk Yeol said that peace between the two Koreas was over and that further talks between Seoul and Pyongyang should be held with him.

In his first interview with CNN two weeks after taking charge of the Korean government, Yeol said: “I think the ball is in President Kim’s court, and he wants to start a conversation with us.”

This year alone, North Korea has conducted 15 missile tests, more than in the past two years. Moreover, Kim vowed to “strengthen and upgrade” his nuclear power at “maximum speed”.

“Temporary escape from North Korean provocation or conflict is not something we have to do. Such an approach has failed in the last five years.

The second former lawyer, Yoon, reiterated his tough stance on North Korea and his desire to strengthen the South’s armed forces, promoting his predecessor, Moon Jae – in, dialogue and peaceful reconciliation.

He criticized North Korea’s increasing nuclear weapons production.

“What I want is shared and common prosperity on the Korean Peninsula. I do not believe in increasing the efficiency of the atom [da Coreia do Norte] Is useful and conducive to maintaining international peace. ”

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